How to Lose Weight in 7-10 Days (Most Recommended)

How to Lose Weight in 7-10 Days (Most Recommended)

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  1. the accent and the mov’t …..bye

  2. everything about this video is so annoying 

  3. I dont like her movements

  4. I can’t hear a word they saying

  5. You look like one of the bad actors they hire on Disney channel. Are your
    muscles aching or what?

  6. Best formula is: Just dont fucking eat anything just water for 10 days :)

  7. So much of over acting.. Stop!!

  8. Wtf??
    The name of the video is “How to lose wight in 7-10 days right?” Not “How
    to increase your speaking skills”
    What the ffffing fuck???

  9. God she needs to clam down

  10. Sapna, you are cute.

  11. i need help i am 12 and i weigh about 170.00 pounds i am tired of being fat
    and in a couple of months me and my dad side of the family stay at a beach
    house(we do this every year) and i want to be skinny at the beach and some
    of my relatives my age are rude to me cause my weight i need help we dont
    have money to buy stuff like exercise stuff how can i lose weight in a
    couple of months without paying money for exercise stuff

  12. I don’t think this can really work but i’ll give it a try :) Actually i’m
    reading the new Ricky Dawson’s free report “The 7 Golden Tips”. It also
    contains a lot of valuable information on how to drop weight safely and
    fast. Thank you Sapna for inspiring me!

  13. wow now i,m saying that she is more beautiful then my gf :(

  14. This made ME laugh. So cute.

  15. Sapna.. man.. u have made it so lively n funny.. i liked this approach..
    hats off to your dedication… Keep inspiring people !!!

  16. sometimes you do get disappointed in youtube..such is the beauty of it

  17. WTF !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. She is quite annoying…

  19. A great video on weight loss. The best part of all these information is
    that you can follow them very easily. So, after watching this video, you
    shall start and lose your weight. Click this dailymotion link

  20. Lol this video is disastrous.
    No meaning of it.
    Why are you fool people when you don’t have intention to help. All you did
    was advertised yourself in the name of weight loss!!
    So unethical

  21. This is so Bollywood…


  23. Stupid video waste of time don’t watch

  24. I don’t have friends that are not respectful of my own freewill. I can’t
    imagine a situation where this would ever occur..

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