Back & Biceps Workout @ New Home Gym

Back & Biceps Workout @ New Home Gym

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  1. Quick workout in our home gym as we get ready for the 12 Week Home Workout

  2. I really like you guys, you seem so down to earth and friendly. You’re
    videos are very noob friendly and you don’t assume everyone has a home gym
    or expensive gym membership which is so much easier to new comers that
    don’t yet have the confidence to go to a gym. Also your dad rocks.

  3. Home gym looking good!

  4. Hey dudes, what kind of camera do you use? 

  5. I found that Perfect Pullup, and Perfect Bands are quite good for home

  6. I got a question Whey or Casein?

  7. Wonder how many of your subscribers who actually built that rack as you
    showed how to in your previous video. My bet: Zero.

  8. are u dudes brothers?

  9. How difficult is it to build muscle w/o any kind of supplements? I’ve been
    training 6 days a week for the past 4 months, and I don’t see any huge
    results :/ Bicep is merely 14″, and has been that for the last 2 months or
    so, I guess. Are supplements really that imp. while building muscle?

  10. Is there any difference in the t-bar row if you don’t use a handle or towel
    and just grip the bar? 

  11. Love the new gym guys, it’s much more real than a retail one.
    You need to get the lighting a little better for the camera, but otherwise,
    I am looking forward to seeing many great and close-up videos as you mount
    cameras all over the place to capture contractions and extensions of your
    amazing muscles.

  12. What do you think about putting some acoustical wall panels on that empty
    white wall? You would get rid of the echo. Not that it matters *a lot* but
    it would be the last finishing touches that makes the video even better 😉

    Thanks for all the great videos!

  13. How tall are you guys btw? Great video!

  14. You should get a couple mirrors and put one behind your power rack and one
    on another wall. Just so you can form check if you need it.

  15. How did you manage to anchor your heavy bag? I’ve always wondered if it
    would affect the floorboards or foundation of the house.

  16. GYM CRIME 4:00 guy in background posing in someone elses shot. FAWK

  17. I love your home gym guys

  18. Are you brothers or best friends?

  19. 10:11 HORRIBLE form lmao

  20. A family that Buffs together, stays together -_-

  21. Hi guys, really looking forward to the 12 week work out this next year, I
    too do all my lifting at my home gym. Question did you do hammer curls both
    arms at the same time because of preference or was there some physical
    benefit? I do them one arm at a time , just for an FYI.

    keep up the great vids and yo from New Zealand :)

  22. listening to brandon working out sounds like gay porn :p no homo, no

  23. Where can I get that poster???

  24. Guy in red looks like an old granny :)

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